Murad Osmann has serious talent!

I first came across the photographs of Murad Osmann on Instagram. I saw this beautiful picture of the Taj Mahal, a woman, her back turned to the camera, and an arm extending out to her, the talented photographer, Murad Osmann. Of course, by now you are totally drawn to this image, so you click on the author’s Instagram page. And to my surprise, a unique library of Murad Osmann and fiancé Natalia Zakharova. With over 2.2 million followers, they continue to travel the world and recreate this image from country to county and city to city. They call it “Follow me to.” Together the travel the world and create breathtaking images one after the other. This is definitely buzz worthy art, that I am absolute excited about the new book that was published. Let’s follow them on this journey…

Unfortunately the stunning pictures that were posted on Instagram recently were not published in the book, but I cannot wait go get my copy. The book can be found at Simply search Murad Osmann. The book is called Follow Me To: A Journey around the World Through the Eyes of Two Ordinary Travelers.

Below are the pictures By Murad Osmann accompanied by Natalia Zakharova from their trip to India. They are just too beautiful not to share. See for yourself. Follow them and For now, why don’t you “follow me to…” India. I couldn’t help but throw in a picture taken in our home town, LA!

A picture of the newly released book on sale at

Murad Osmaan Follow Me To Book

Amer Fort- Jaipur, India

Murad Osmann Amer Fort in Jaipur India

Hawa Mahal, “Palace of Winds,” Jaipur, India

Murad Osmann Hawa Mahal India

Jama Masjid, New Delhi, India

Murad Osmann Jama Masjid New Delhi India

One of the seven wonders of the world, the amazing Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Murad Osmann Taj Mahal India

Udaipur, India

Murad Osmann Udaipur India

Varanasi, India

Murad Osmann Varanasi India

And of course, Los Angeles, California. The famous Hollywood Sign.

Murad Osmann LA

Photo Credits: Murad Osmann

We love Trishala!

Trishala Dutt is just such a sweet person with an amazing heart. We absolutely love this girl.

The photo below is Trishala on a night out on the town wearing our Safari bangle.

Trishala Dutt Safari Bangle

In the photo below our Evil Eye bangle is featured. Trishala was filming a YouTube tutorial that will release soon. Hair and makeup done by the talented Randa S. of Salon West Dearborn, Michigan. Trishala is wearing her own line of hair extensions called Dream Tress Hair Extensions. You can pick up her extension line at

Follow her on Instagram at You can find Randa and some samples of her hair and makeup on at are so eagerly waiting for the tutorial to release. Trishala is already such a beautiful girl, and she looks absolutely stunning in the photos and videos she posted. Be sure to check them out!

Trishala Dutt Evil Eye 2

Photo credit: Trishala Dutt