Jas & Pal in Asiana Magazine

Have you picked up the lastest copy of Asiana Magazine? This edition is Asiana’s Wedding Autumn 2014 Limited Edition. If you haven’t done so already, do it now. This special edition comes in hardcover as well. Pages and pages of wedding coverage, clothing, and jewelry, and much more. The models are wearing jewelry by yours truly, Jas & Pal. Check out the lovely pictures. Asiana definitely has some talented and creative people on their team.


Fashion campaign in the Brunswick House for Mongas hair & make-up by Naveeda. This model is wearing the Victorian Gold and Red Stone Kundan Cuff. The lovely headpiece is by Titania Fisher.


Who says you cant mix East with West. This unique and gorgeous designer jacket is from the autumn campaign of Ayah Couture. The model is wearing Jas & Pal’s Neptune Earring made of Swarovski crystal element.


Again, another beautiful ad campaign by Asiana Magazine. This vibrant outfit was paired with Jas & Pal’s Divine earrings made with Swarovski crystal element.

Thank you Asiana for the pictures and credit. Your team did an amazing job displaying our jewels with the remarkable outfits.


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